Socrative PRO for higher education

Stimulate higher learning by tracking the real-time understanding of your students.

Turn every lecture into a two-way exchange with the app that gives you immediate insights about your teaching.

Quizzes, surveys, team activities, and content from educators around the world – all in one easy-to-use assessment tool. Best of all, the Socrative app is free for all students to use.

Socrative Pro for Higher Education: Key Benefits

  • 200 students per room

    Make your lesson plan more interactive and get up to 200 students involved and actively engaged at one time. That’s 150 more users than you get with the basic plan.

  • Restricted access with student ID

    Everyone on the uploaded class roster can use their student ID to log into rooms you’ve created, making it easy to organize your classrooms.

  • Up to 20 private or public rooms

    Set up different rooms for different projects, allowing students to access content in class or remotely. Share a unique code to allow new users to join rooms in your account.

  • Shareable links for easy login

    Make classroom collaboration as easy as possible with shareable links that can be sent through email to every student in the course.

  • Launch up to 20 activities simultaneously

    Create multiple quizzes, surveys, or mini-competitions to assess student comprehension and keep track of their learning in real time.

Socrative PRO for Higher Education includes many more useful features not available through the free version, like these:

Class roster import

Upload entire class lists through CSV or Excel.

Silent user hand raise

Encourage everyone to participate while protecting anonymity.

Custom folders

Keep your collection of quizzes and reports organized.

Socrative is always FREE for students!

Unlike other group collaboration tools and educational software, Socrative is free to download for students and non-administrators. One company account is all you need for everyone to benefit from its features.