Socrative PRO for corporations

Socrative for corporations is the perfect way for businesses to gather employee and customer insights in one simple and versatile tool.

Sample the knowledge of new hires, set up tests for annual certifications, or launch customer satisfaction surveys on the go.

Socrative allows you to collect and track real-time responses so your workplace can run more effectively.

Socrative PRO for corporations: Key benefits

  • 200 employees per room

    From training seminars to customer polls, get up to 200 involved and actively engaged at one time. That’s 150 more users than our basic plan offers.

  • Restricted access with employee ID

    Everyone on the uploaded employee or customer roster can use their uniqe ID to log into rooms you’ve created, making it easy to organize your project groups.

  • Up to 20 private or public rooms

    Set up different rooms for different projects, allowing employees to access content at work or remotely. Share a unique code to allow new users to join rooms in your account.

  • Shareable links for easy login

    Make collaborating and regular check-ins as easy as possible with shareable links that can be sent through email or messenger programs.

  • Launch up to 20 activities at once

    Create multiple quizzes, surveys, or mini-competitions to assess employee comprehension and keep track of their learning. Run up to 20 activities at any given time.

Socrative PRO for corporations includes many more useful features not available through the basic plan, like these:

Staff import via CSV or Excel

Leverage your existing HR spreadsheets for rapid upload of corporate users.

Silent user hand raise

Encourage open feedback and protect anonymity with this response feature.

Custom folders

Keep your collection of quizzes and reports organized, especially useful for repeat seminars and classes.